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Expert writers wanted

With the number of platforms for ORIGINS growing all the time, it’s important that we have regular, fresh content coming from different voices. The goal is that each of us is submitting at least one piece of content a week, with content shared across platforms as appropriate. Platforms include our public websites for ORIGINS, APEX and Innova, as well as ORIGINS Engage, and each organization’s growing social media accounts.

Topics are really up to you so long as they are school and education related. For ENGAGE, topics are centered around school design. For website content, the two broad categories are “Good Reads” (repurposed stories from other authors: ) and “Leadership Blogs” (Ex: your unique writing on a topic: ). We will also need school news as that becomes available. Content will

Some ideas on exciting themes that are good value for time (shareable, will generate interest, can be used across social platforms, easily referenced in parent meetings):

School Design
Classroom design

Technology (friend or foe, cool integrations, success stories) – all from different viewpoints
experiential learning
language learning
collaborating across schools / countries

Building community

We are looking for video series ideas as well – so please be thinking on the types of things you could speak to under the following veins:

Inspiration (being inspired, creating excitement)
Designing 21c schools
Leadership (for other schools, within our own schools)
Community building (We will all have a part in this one)